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At Pay per Head, we offer tailored customer service; all our experienced agents will be glad to help you and give you high-quality support.

We’ll provide a specialized agent website and a backend, both highly experienced, to give you the best service. We make everything simpler for you.

You´ll be running your book in a wink. We also provide all the control systems and reporting so that you would be able to manage your book and your players.

It’s so efficient that you can increase your book as huge as you can imagine it. Pay per Head’s sportsbook software has also been built and designed to grow at your own pace.

It also includes an online payment system. This system will accept any kind of payment type, yes, even cryptocurrencies!!

Your players don’t need to worry about contact you or being connected to make payments and bets. With our system, they can pay online faster and easier.

In real-time without wasting time and/or money, this is the best way to grow your business and make your players happy.T he good news about making business with us is that you won’t need to invest tons of money!! If you can dream it, you can get it… You only will need a minimum $25 deposit to begin growing.

As Low As $0


-Our services include; sportsbooks, Facebook, and a full online casino. 

-At Pay Per Head you’ll get the best rates for Sportsbook, Racebook, and Online Casino.

-They will run perfectly, and they also will fully work using the most popular Internet browsers.

-One of the good news everyone loves, if the fact that you don’t need downloading.

-Our agents and players enjoy the experience we offer, this is your best option, just contact us and start making money.


-Pay per Head Bookmakers find lots of advantages working with us, we offer state-of-the-art software a real-time reporting structure.

-At Pay per Head Sportsbook you´ll find the most specialized, experienced, and dependable staff.

-All of them are well-trained to optimize the performance of our customers’ operations customizing everything for them, according to their needs and goals.

-All head agents at Pay per Head will get their own made-to-order website with individualized toll-free phone numbers.

 Pay per Head Sportsbook will be operating 24/7!!

You’ll make money during the whole day.


Pay x Head is the safest, and it offers only good things for you.

Once one of our representatives gets in touch with you, the safest and most dependable experience will start.

They will make everything clear for you and will answer all of your general questions and requests about our great price and services.

 Our customer service representatives will give you all the required support to get your price per head opened and functioning.

Just call us, our toll-free number is fully available for you: 1-877-714-5777.


Pay x Head counts with more than a decade helping people to make money. At Pay x Head, you will find the most competitive lines in the market on Sportsbook, Racebook, Full Online Casinos, Redundant safe and secure servers.

 99.9% uptime and much more. The most dependable and safest 24/7 wagering and customer service is only found at Pay xHead.

We offer fully customized websites, mobile wagering and reports, and even Individual Line Management.


· Sportsbook · Racebook · Full Online Casinos · Redundant safe and secure servers · 99.9% uptime · 24/7 wagering and customer service · Fully customized websites

· Mobile wagering and reports · Individual Line Management · Our Lines are among the most competetive in the market


We offer the safest wagering platform for you and your clients.

Our software is used by the highest gambling companies in the US and around the world.

This software offers unlimited wagering options within the sports betting market.

You´ll also have the control to state the betting options available for your clients. They might have access to two full virtual online casinos, and horse racing.

Since you will have control, you´ll never be stuck with an option.

We are now running the best and most updated version of a software package and online casino both provided by Digital Gaming Solutions and Extension Software.

Thanks to this package we are allowed to integrate a variety of sports, a casino, and even horses into a friendly format.

It will be the most enjoyable experience for all your users and players.

 It is so simple to use that you and your players will be delighted, it will enhance your online volume, keeping your overhead down at the same time.

You´ll find that all the software’s overall haste and functionality will allow you to get all figures in real-time, giving you the chance to track all the wagers being made, while they are made.


At Pay x Head Sportsbook, we are really clear that TIME IS MONEY. We understand that your time really means money and that you are full of things to do.

Nowadays, working schedules and other responsibilities make it difficult to accomplish other stuff. That is why Pay x Head Sportsbook at is the best solution for a full virtual office. We take all the day-to-day requirements of setting and moving lines, you don’t need to worry about anything.

We´ll be in charge of taking wagers over the phone.

We will also grade those wagers, and keep track on each player’s figure.

 Our great service will allow you to continue with your everyday life and routine you don´t need to train the new players so you´ll be able to spend time doing everything you need to do or love doing.

So, if you are looking for the best solutions without taking out any time from your schedule, you have come to the right Pay per Head place!

With Pay per Head Sportsbook at, your customers will be able to bet on a huge variety of events and categories.

All of them catching every player´s attention, they are funny and different!

Your clients will be able to bet on almost anything, for example: on the Oscars, the halftime of Hawaii games, and more.

Pay per Head Sportsbook at provides state-of-the-art interactive games all of them designed with high definition and realistic graphics.

The graphic interface of the programs provided by us continues to set the trend among the competition.

 They also include true-to-life sound effects and catching music.

All of these elements will make everything more attractive for your clients, the background music, real voices, and sound effects contribute to the realism that makes so special our gambling products.

The highest quality and best entertainment experience for all your players will feel in the pure full online casino.

 Players don’t have to download any software to their computer to experience the excitement of playing currently 29 different casino games at the secure Flash online casino. Casino Glossary Below you can have a peek at the games that we offer in our full online casino. More games are about to come soon.

As a result, you will get your average handle per player going way up, and of course, all your profits will be increased day by day.

All your players will receive the highest level of sophistication and the best level of service as they would never imagine.

You´ll feel released raising your profits as you make all your players happy.

That will assure real loyalty from every player and of course long-term profits for you.


If you associate your business with Pay per Head Sportsbook at, you´ll not only increase your profits, you´ll get the best benefits:


We count on the best stuff at Pay per Head Sportsbook.

All our agents are fully prepared on offering the best customer service.

They are multilingual, fully speaking English, Chinese, Spanish, and German to expand your customer’s range.

They are always available to address all of your customer service needs with the best attitude and energy.

All of them are highly competent and well-mannered. Whether you’re looking for reports or simply need access to accounts (yours or your players’), our agents are always available to give you the information you require.

Never hesitate to call us.


Players are no longer happy just by simply wagering before a game start, they want more.

More money, more fun! They want to keep betting after the kickoff, after the puck drops, or after the umpire yells, “play ball”.

TruLive wagering is a full evolution on the way players used to bet a few years ago.

Today they are able to choose among many potential bets they can make during the game, some of them are: Parlays, Point spreads, Props, and Money Lines.


On top of all the sports that you can make available, we also have other opportunities for your players to bet on: the Oscars, U.S. Senate,

Primaries, general Elections or even movies.


We have the ability to offer the largest and the most interesting menu of betting options daily.

We include in our menu those things that a private bookmaker does not usually offer to clients. For instance, we offer Formula 1, global soccer, tennis, golf, propositions, and so on. I will expand the possibilities to get new players every day.



Action, money, fun and much more. Discover our original online casino never seen before. Full of the most popular games chosen by players.  Our casino operator has no comparison, you might get more than a 15% on average…more. They will always have more fun and there will be more revenue for you. Players won’t have to fidget their thumbs, waiting for the moment to bet. Everybody will enjoy the real and authentic Las Vegas-style experience.

Pay per Head premium casino offers a mobile-ready HTML 5 virtual table games and slots. We count with lots of live dealer tables and all of them can be played from any device. 

Casino Games for every taste At Pay per Head, you find The Best 3D Slots including hundreds of well-known titles from premium iGaming studios. Some of them are Nucleus, Platipus, Betsoft, and Arrow’s Edge.

All of them mobile friendly and easy to manage. Table Games for everyone You’ll find lots of realistic blackjack variations. Some of them are: roulette, baccarat, virtual poker, and rummy games. Check how your bottom line grows exponentially.

Our modern Live Dealer Casino system counts with two live casinos. Both have enough tables and seats for all your clients and players. Our dealers are the best, another special aspect they have is that they don’t wear a mask.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive by associating your business with Pay per Head Sportsbook at

24 hours wagering and customer service.

Our English, Chinese, Spanish, and German-speaking staff is always available to address all of your customer service needs in a highly competent and courteous manner.

Remember that at Pay per Head we are ready to help you and your players 24/7.

So, you don´t have to worry about anything, we are here to help you and we are happy to give all your customers the guidance they require whenever they want to.

No more “errors

At Pay per Head, we count on the most accurate computerized recording system.

We track in real-time and we offer the best settling of bets. All these elements eliminate errors and give your player more confidence to continue betting.

You´ll have full access to real-time reports and you´ll see all the results, win/loss, and risk exposure.

A racebook tracking around the whole country.

Our system is the newest and the most reliable to offer the best racebook tracking around the US.

Your confidence and your players’ confidence will increase day by day, increasing also your incomes.

Las Vegas-style online casinos are fully available 24 hours a day.

The most popular online casino style around the country, Las Vegas Style.

It will be available 24/7 expanding possibilities for you and your clients.

All the benefits you can get from a Sportsbook

A pay per head sportsbook, like Pay per Head Sportsbook at, you only get good things and benefits every day.

It lets a private sports bookmaker to give his customers and players all the access to a sportsbook in a country where it is legal to accept such wagers.

That’s Right! Rates as low as $9 Flat

As you can see Pay per Head is what you need…

All the benefits you can get from a Sportsbook

At Pay per Head Sportsbook, we offer the best fees in the market, giving you the chance to increase your profits as much as possible.

An Agent at Pay per Head will pay a weekly fee per client.

 This fee is a rate of $9 per active player per week for players that bet only on the Internet.

 If a player places his wager(s) over the phone, the fee is $15 per head.

Right now, you can try the Agent Payment Solution (APS) absolutely free. That’s right, there is no charge to use this service.

What is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

A pay per head sportsbook, like Pay per Head Sportsbook at, allows a private sports agent/bookmaker to give his customers access to a sportsbook in a country or jurisdiction where it is legal to accept such wagers

That's Right! Rates as low as $0

Contact us now!

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Remember, we offer the best and most reliable full-service virtual casino on sportsbooks and racebook.

Stop thinking and start making money!

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 The price per head of our services, which includes sportsbook, racebook, and a full online casino, is as low as $9 per head, no bull, $9 per head.

 Our Price per Head Sportsbook, Racebook, and Online Casino run fully functional using all major Internet browsers and there is NO download necessary for our price per head agents or their players to enjoy our price per head bookmaking sports services.

Pay per Head Sportsbook at is providing bookmakers from all over the world with first class price per head sportsbook


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